What’s Pigra?
Commonly translated as laziness, Pigra in Italian is actually a state of deep relaxation. It’s not doing nothing, it’s simply doing less. A small, beautiful moment of la Dolce Vita in between the work.

That’s Pigra*.

You’re Pigra!
Pigra is a promise: We work like world champions to make everything a little simpler, faster and more relaxed for you.

So when it comes to personalized writing instruments, take us at our word. Be Pigra! Enjoy a bit of Bella Italia, even if you’re not on holiday.

Made by Italians. That’s Pigra.

*Pigra is a brand of the Pagani Pens Group. The writing instruments for haptic communication are manufactured with passion and skill by men and women in Lombardy, Piedmont and Ticino.